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Welcome to Post Traumatic Stress In Order (PTSIO). Hello, my name is Asha Hawkins. I was born in 2002 to Staff Sergeant Ron (Hawk) Hawkins and Sarah (Rajiv-Tamarov) Hawkins. I must begin by telling you that I am the fictional creation of an author and am not a real person. However, I think you will find me quite intriguing even though I am only fifteen. For one thing, my story is like so many Military Brats around the world.

You see, my father was sent to Afghanistan with his Special Forces team from Fort Campbell, Kentucky not long after terrorists flew commercial aircraft into the New York Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. He was part of a team that was sent to extract the Al Qaeda terrorist network and Taliban government who harbored them.  

It was there during this period he met my mother, Sarah. Dr. Mohammed Rajiv took her under his loving care after her mother was shot and killed in crossfire between the Soviets and Mujahedeen. He raised her for twenty years, teaching her many skills under his tutelage, which included multiple languages and medical nursing. 

This is how my parents met. When wounded Northern Alliance forces came into the clinic in Dehi, my dad brought medical supplies from his team to assist with treating the casualties. Well, my mother was there also doing the same thing. Because they had been seen speaking to each other, my mom was scheduled for a public execution by the Taliban. I know--Craazzy! Right?

Word of this execution got to my dad who was back with his team. Pleading with his commander, he and another soldier, Staff Sergeant Chris Short, along with her uncle, Abdul Mohaqeq and some of his men went to rescue my mom. During the rescue, there was a “firefight” causing a lot of confusion and separation of the rescue team. As fate would have it, my mom and dad escaped together to a secret hideout in the harsh Hindu Kush Mountains. 

After spending a few nights in a cave hideout that my mom knew about, my Christian father and my Muslim mother fell in love. I am very happy they did...for obvious reasons. 

I mentioned that my grandmother was killed in one of those “firefights” but what I did not tell you was my paternal grandfather was also killed in battle. He was in the U.S. Army Delta Force and was shot during a 1993 battle in eastern Africa. My dad does not like to talk about it even to this day but he does bring all of us to my grandfather’s gravesite to honor him every year. I wish I would have known him.

Oh, who is all of us? I have two brothers, Caleb who is thirteen and Seth who is eleven. Anyway, back to the story. Although mom and dad fell in love, they both had to escape past the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces hunting them down and unite with his team. Here is where I will stop for now because if you want to know the details, you should read their story yourself. Trust me, it is good! Oh, the book is called, “Love in the House of War.” Please check it out for yourself: https://books.pronoun.com/the-prince-the-princess/  

It is also in paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Love-House-War-Army-Brats/dp/1533218854/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1500927821&sr=1-1&keywords=9781533218858

Yes, that’s my mom and dad on the cover! Cool, huh? I think so anyway. Hee hee, ha ha. 

Being an “Army Brat” I am a strong advocate for “my creative author’s” Post Traumatic Stress In Order (PTSIO) campaign. He has launched a website for all Veterans, especially those who have been diagnosed with PTSD (I hate that “D” word) and their family members to express themselves through the arts and literature. He, Scott A Meehan, wants to replace that dreaded “D” word with “IO” because he believes that those who have Post Traumatic Stress, like himself, should not carry around the stigma of being associated with a “Disorder.” 

I can see his point. Afterall, this guy served twenty-five years in the Army, received a Bronze Star for actions in Iraq, provided information that led to the capture of Saddam Hussein, and retired as a Major. In addition, he has a Master of Arts degree in Computer Resources & Information Management and a MBA in Business Administration, and he is the Lead Business Instructor at City College in Orlando, Florida. 

Oh, I do not want to forget. He has been married to his wife (they met in the Amazon jungle—really) for thirty-six years and they have two grown kids and four grandchildren. That does not sound like anyone with a disorder to me, does it to you?  Hee hee, ha ha. Hey, I’m fifteen and can laugh however I want to, you know?

One last thing—no two, sorry. The first is Major (Ret.) Meehan wants to push free education for all Veterans who were deployed overseas during all campaigns, along with their designated family member. No, unlike all the GI Bills and other benefits, this would come from legislators in the House and Senate to pass a Bill enabling this free education without any stipulations or limitations. More to come.

The second is really cool--a contest! Although I am mentioned briefly at the end of the first book, “Love in the House of War,” it isn't until the sequel, "The Hawkins: Army of One" set twelve years later, when I was twelve years old obviously, is when I become one of the main characters. In this book, I meet my adopted sister, Miriam for the first time. That’s another story I will talk about later. Anyway, my author, the Major, is looking for aspiring writers, especially military brats—but can be anybody, to write a story filling the gap for the time beginning with my birth until his sequel, “The Hawkins: Army of One.” Oh, and don't forget to include my two brothers. Here is the link for that book:  https://books.pronoun.com/the-hawkins/  

Yep, my dad! Cool, right? Hee hee, ha ha.

Signing off for now!


Asha Hawkins

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My background

I am a retired Army Major (Ret.) born in Baltimore, Maryland, to missionary parents. For twenty-five years I served in the U.S. Army, both as an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer. My first book, "Stone in a Sling," is my memoirs, which covers a three-year tour to Berlin and four tours to the Middle East where I was awarded the Bronze Star for actions in Iraq. 


PTSIO is a site created to enable veterans and their family members an opportunity to share their stories (non-fictional experiences and creative fiction) across the military global community.  Writing has proven to be a total stress release mechanism and is a viable outlet for those who have been diagnosed with PTSD.

PTSIO stands for Post Traumatic Stress In Order, a name with the deliberate drop of the letter "D" in "Disorder." This website is designed for the veteran to communicate their events, activities, accomplishments, gatherings, and anything else one wishes to speak freely about while exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech. Topics can focus on, but not limited to, matters of the spirit, physical, social, mental, and emotional state of being. Please join and feel free to add your thoughts. ~ SaM ~ 

My writings

A common question asked of authors is, "Why do you write?" The answer to that question varies from author to author and often, day to day, depending on the moment. 

Overall, I attribute my reason to write based on the very nature of my unique background experiences. In summary, let me just say that I attended thirteen different schools in twelve years, spanning six states and four countries.

My writing style places emphasis on dialogue to develop strong characters. Relational conversation grows gradually to evolve my characters and expound on a captivating story. 

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Welcome to PTSIO-U. The purpose for this site is to encourage anyone and everyone who has been diagnosed with PTSD. Once again, I cannot reiterate enough about that last word, "disorder." I hate it. Thus, the beginning of PTSIO-U, or Post Traumatic Stress In Order-You. 

I enlisted into the US Army in 1980. World events during that period were not unlike those of today. Iranian militants took over the US Embassy in Iran and the Cold War took a dramatic turn for the worse when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. After spending seven years as an enlisted medic, three of which were in Berlin with the wall still standing, I "Echo Tango Suit cased" (ETS) in 1987. During that period (1980-1987) I got married and we had a son and daughter. Then, in 1987, I began attending Southeastern University and Florida Southern to receive my BA in education. In the process, I was also commission through ROTC in 1989. I re-entered the Army as a Military Intelligence (MI) officer and was immediately deployed to Desert Storm after Officer Basic at Fort Huachuca. Twelve years later, I was deployed for a year to Balad, Iraq during OIF and after coming home for ten months, returned to the Green Zone. I retired in 2005 as a Major and did one more tour in Iraq as a contractor.

Currently, I am still married to the wonderful woman of my life after thirty-six years, the one who stood with me side-by-side all that time. Our children are grown now and have kids of their own. Thus, I am a grandfather of four, a college professor, and an author, having written five books. I also am currently working on my dissertation, "Best Practice Solutions for Veterans Transitioning back into the Civilian Workforce: A Phenomenological Study." If you wish to provide feedback about your transitioning experience from the military to the civilian workforce, I'd love to hear from you!

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28  Indie BookFest 2017

Public · Hosted by Indie Bookfest


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One of my first order of business is to become a strong advocate for free education for all of those who have deployed on a foreign campaign. More to come with this as it progresses.


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